The words still matter.

Our media-centric world is rapidly changing the way we consume content, and sometimes we forget the role words play in our marketing world.  In reality,  pictures and videos help attract customers, but it's often the words a customer reads or hears that makes them purchase - or walk away.

Whether it is the written copy on your website, the way we edit words in a testimonial video or the endless revisions on the white paper or blog post, we choose the right words - in just the right quantity - to make an engaging and convincing pitch.  Here's a little bit more information about how we use the written word to maximize your marketing efforts:

Web Content Writing
Whether you need to refresh the content on your homepage or need a full content revision, we can write the words to tell your story. We'll chat with you, ask questions, lots of questions so we can correctly understand the technical aspects of your business and make sure we get the right feeling across.  Upon delivering the first draft, we welcome your input and don’t consider the project finished until you are 100% satisfied.

Blog Posts
A blog is a great way to create relevant content for your business. Position yourself as an expert, share nuggets of information, tips, news and inspiration and people will come to you and your business.  Another perk is that blog posts increase SEO, by driving traffic to your website. Need help getting a blog started? Talk to us. 

Email Marketing Campaigns
Email marketing still matters! It's easy, effective and inexpensive and helps connect you to your customers, share information and promotions. We can help set up your email campaigns, templates and content for: 

  • Promotional Email Campaigns
  • Automated Emails
  • Referral Programs
  • Welcome
  • Thank-you

Media Releases
Do you have a new business, a big announcement, product launch or event that you'd like to promote? Sending a media release is a great way to highlight something significant and specific. Our team can work with you to create media releases and advisories to grab the attention of journalists and local news outlets.