Websites are another area of marketing that we sometimes perceive as old fashioned, or less relevant than social media.  The reality is that while people spend more time on social media, they still do the majority of their product research and shopping by starting with a google search.  Once google brings them to your website, you have their undivided attention for a few moments.  Use these moments to convince them to stick around and learn more.

Built for Small Business


We build small business websites on the industry leading Squarespace platform.  The Squarespace platform lets us focus your budget on content creation. After a brainstorming and strategy session, we begin writing content and taking pictures and video.  Once we put it all together we will present it to you.  At this time, we make any changes or tweaks required and, once you are thrilled, we give you the keys and provide a complimentary 2 hour training session.  You will be able to login, add photo’s and video’s, create a blog post, change your written content.  All the basics.  The website is yours, and you will know how to run it.  We will always be available to create and publish content,  perform any customization or change you require, but we feel you should have complete and total control over your online presence.