Video is the most effective way to engage with your potential customers on the internet, and the use of video on the internet and in social media is growing every day.  We build storytelling and strategy into every video we produce.  Our video creation process always begins with a creative planning session, and we always produce content with a clear vision of the message we want to get across.


Social Films

A social short film is a great way to promote your business on social media.  These 45-60 second commercials are great for creating original content and provide even more value over time if you use them as re-marketing content.  Included is a 60 minute on location film shoot and 2 edited 45-60 second films.


Business Profile Video

Business profile films are designed to really tell your company's story.  They are great for YouTube, your website, and of course they should be shared on social media.  There is a fair bit of planning and discussion about your company's unique story before we start production.  In addition to the strategy session, we include 2.5 hours of on location shooting time, we will interview up to two key personnel or create a script for the participants to read off of a teleprompter, and we also film the business, people working, customer interactions, the product, etc. to ensure we have great visual content to go along with the interviews and/or script.


Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos are your opportunity to share an authentic customer experience with the world.  Potential customers often make their decision to purchase because they saw a real live person act as the champion of your product or service.  Our testimonials feature relaxed interviews with the customer.  They look genuine because they 100% are.  We also focus on getting great footage of your product or service that enhances the authenticity and creates a visually pleasing and engaging experience for the viewer.


Product Information Video

These videos focus on a specific product line or service.  Through an interview or scripted on camera appearance, we will explain or tell the story of your product or service.  Our creative planning session will ensure we hit all the points needed for the successful conversion of people interested in the product.  This is designed to be more in depth than simple and short social media videos.  This could be sent to somebody by email after they have signed up to learn more, it could live on a blog post about a product or service so it delivers long term value through google searches.  Often it will be posted on the product page of your website where people go to find more information about a product or service.