We approach social media the way it should be approached.  With real, authentic and genuine content that will help build your followers, generate interest in your company and your products.  Whether you want to maximize your exposure on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in, Pinterest or any other platform, we will work with you to create the optimal posting schedule, create authentic content that is relevant to your customers, and record and report back with highly detailed analytics reports that you need.


Original Content

Original, consistent content is the number one key to success in social media.  Our content experts will create and publish original photo and video content. We will also publish custom graphics that promote your business, products or special events.  You will have complete access to your content calendar we create, and depending on your preference, can be included in the approval chain for some or all content.


Ad Boosting

We will work with you to create an ad boosting platform that enables us to maximize the reach of your original content posts.  Even a small boost budget on original content can help expose your brand to new customers.


Targeted Ad Campaigns

Targeted ad campaigns are specific posts that may or may not be posted for the general public to see.  These "dark" ads are one of the most cost effective way to reach tens or hundreds or even thousands of prospective customers.  Targeted ad placement tools let us pinpoint and target the ideal clients in ways no traditional ad targeting ever could.  More customers, less money invested per customer. 


Social Monitoring

We monitor and respond to inquiries across all your social channels within 30 minutes.  We promote and share interactions that are positive, and we will promptly respond to any negative feedback with possible remedies or solutions.  24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Reporting & Analytics

Every month, we create a very detailed performance report on your social media channels.  We will know exactly how your posts performed, which type of post performed best, the best time of day, the demographics of your audience, and much much more.  We believe that we should see incremental growth each and every month, and we use these reports to measure where we are at today and make a plan for where we are going to get to tomorrow.